Florida Needs Pension Reform!


We Respect Our Police & Firefighters

We honor and respect the service provided by police and firefighters. But union-backed state mandates force local taxpayers to continue funding unsustainable growth in pensions and benefits.


Protect Local Taxpayers

Local taxpayers can no longer afford unchecked growth in local pensions — especially when those ever-growing pension benefit increases are mandated by state lawmakers.


Support Responsible Reform

Union-backed mandates have cost taxpayers more than a half billion dollars since 1999. We are asking state lawmakers to give local communities badly needed flexibility in how they support and stabilize local police and firefighter pensions. Help us end the growth in state mandated and union-backed pension benefits NOW!

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Your local state lawmakers need to hear from YOU. They need to know that you respect public safety and support pension reform that protects taxpayers, removes unfunded mandates and preserves sustainable pensions for our future.

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